CPSD Promising Future: Juan Carlos Lopez Martel

A Clover Park School District story.

Our Promising Futures Friday featured student this week is Four Heroes Elementary School fifth grader Juan Carlos Lopez Martel.

Teachers and administration at Four Heroes view Juan Carlos as a natural leader among his peers, but he is beyond humble and simply hopes to leave every day feeling positive. “I just try my best to help other students and teachers when I can,” he said.

His favorite topic was science in fourth grade, and he can’t wait for all the new lessons and experiments he’ll get to conduct this year. “Some of my favorite experiments from last year were the sound experiments with fish – that was a fun one—and the experiment with water and steepness of slopes,” he said. “I really like learning at Four Heroes because the teachers are really supportive when we’re learning new topics.”

Aside from science, Juan Carlos enjoys art, video games and playing with his new kitten in his free time. He’s also an adventure seeker and hopes to join the U.S. Marines to serve his country and be a member of a close-knit community when he’s older.

Source: The Suburban Times