Are Your Christmas Gifts Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

Christmas Gifts

Most of us are doing a lot of shopping this time of year! Christmas gifts and holiday sales mean everyone is buying a bit more than usual. What, you ask, does that have to do with insurance?

Let’s look at some common purchases and how you can make sure they’re protected!

Electronics – Did you purchase a new flat-screen TV or Xbox on Black Friday? Maybe a new laptop or some high-dollar headphones? All of these items are covered by your Homeowners Insurance or Renters Insurance for theft, fire, and every other covered peril, subject to your deductible. The big problem, however, is that when there is a major fire or burglary, it is easy to forget what you have! It’s hard to remember every item in your home.

We recommend you keep a Home Inventory of high-value items. Save receipts, take photos, or just keep a list. Keep this info in a safe place, maybe a document backed up in the cloud so that you can get to it in the event of a claim. The insurance company doesn’t require this, but you’ll be glad you did it!

Guns, Jewelry, & Art – If you have purchased high-value, custom, one-of-a-kind, or collector’s items, you need to contact your agent (us hopefully) as soon as possible! These items will be covered by your policy, but most policies have a maximum amount they will pay for these items unless you purchase extra coverage. Your agent can review your policy and tell you exactly how much coverage is available and if you should add a rider to your policy for these items.

Are you hiding gifts in your car trunk? Yes, it’s a great place to hide presents from the kids but here is something to note — your auto insurance DOES NOT cover your ‘stuff’, i.e. the contents of your vehicle. Your Home or Renters policy is designed to cover those things. That means that if someone breaks in and steals everything, and if you have a large deductible, you could be out of luck! Learn more about how to protect your home against holiday burglaries and put those presents in a safe location quickly. Don’t keep them where they can be easily stolen.

Do you even have Renters Insurance or Homeowners Insurance? ’Tis the season for lots of shopping! Call us today to make sure all of your possessions are properly protected!

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