CPSD Promising Future: Aaliyah Reed

A Clover Park School District story.

Our Promising Futures featured student this week is Carter Lake Elementary School fifth grader Aaliyah Reed.

Her father is in the military, so she attended a few different schools before joining Carter Lake this year. “Being a military child has never been a negative thing for me because I really like moving new places and seeing new things,” she said. “But I think out of all the schools, I like Carter Lake the most, and Washington is my favorite place I’ve lived.”

Tacoma Community College

Aaliyah is an exceptionally talented reader and is already reading at an eighth-grade level! “I do really well in reading and try to help others in my class,” she said. “It’s easier for me than math, definitely.”
Though Aaliyah’s reading skills are already extraordinary, she still wants to improve. “It’s been a good year for me with reading, but last year I was the top in my grade,” she said. “I’m not right now, but I’m really close, and I’ve been trying to read more challenging books.”
Aaliyah has a couple options lined up for her future career.

“I think I’d want to be a nurse or an entrepreneur,” she said. “I like children and would like to help them by being a pediatric nurse, but I also want to start a business, so maybe I can help kids that way.”

Source: The Suburban Times