CPSD Promising Future: Aiden Sukola

A Clover Park School District story.

Our Promising Futures featured student this week is Harrison Preparatory School senior Aiden Sukola.

He has attended Harrison Prep since sixth grade and knows the hallways like the back of his hand. “I’d say the school is very unique because it’s small and such a tight-knit community where everyone knows each other,” he said.

Tacoma Community College

Aiden and his classmates have a strong bond, but the teachers at Harrison Prep have also been a major support system for the senior class of students preparing to graduate. “HP absolutely prepped me for college because of the teacher support,” he said. “Some of the teachers and staff are close to the students and understand what we’re going through, so they’ve been really helpful in the past couple years.”

So, when it comes to the future, Aiden feels ready to tackle whatever comes next. “The courses have been pretty rigorous in the IB program so I’m more excited than nervous to transition to college,” he said.

Aiden is currently a member of the Knowledge Bowl team at Harrison Prep and enjoys studying math. He hopes to major in computer science after he graduates and one day become an educator in that field. He’s already been accepted to the University of Washington Tacoma and is waiting on the results of his other applications.

Pierce College

Source: The Suburban Times