CPSD Promising Future: Miguel Ibarra-Fernandez

A Clover Park School District story.

Our Promising Futures featured student this week is Tyee Park Elementary School fifth grader Miguel Ibarra-Fernandez.

Miguel has enjoyed his year so far, and his smile shines through his mask whenever he beams about his class. “I am really happy to have all the classmates that I have,” he said. “Also, my teacher. She’s the best and makes things fun, so I like my classroom.”

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He is known throughout Tyee Park as a student who always lends a helping hand. When he was younger, he learned the importance of helping friends when they’re struggling from his own supportive cousin. “She was such a good student who would always help me, and I took that in,” he said.

When Miguel was struggling with math, his cousin didn’t hesitate to help him realize his strengths. “She’s the reason why I enjoy math and struggle with it less,” he said. “Now I know multiplication off the top of my head!”

Today, Miguel’s favorite subjects are math and writing. He enjoys helping his classmates and wants to use his strengths to help even more people in the future. “I like writing, so I want to be a lawyer,” he said. “I’ve seen videos of people being lawyers on social media and helping people, and I’ve been inspired by that.”

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Source: The Suburban Times