CPSD Promising Future: Roberta Moore

A Clover Park School District story.

Our Promising Futures featured student this week is Lakes High School senior Roberta Moore.

Roberta is enjoying her last year at Lakes while also attending Pierce College as a Running Start student. “This year, I’ve taken political science, physics, English and a couple other classes,” she said. “I did well and was surprised at how I adjusted to independently studying. I crushed it, so I think it has really helped me prepare for what college will be like and boost my confidence going in.”

Pierce College

Roberta has had a great year in the classroom and an even better one on the golf course. She has been golfing since she was four years old and is currently ranked fourth in the West Central District. “I’ve been in so many tournaments and programs, but we have our district tournaments this week and I really hope I make it to state,” she said.

Last week, Roberta learned she was being recruited to golf for Lewis and Clark University, and she cannot wait to put her golf skills to use on their course next year.

After practice, Roberta plans to spend her evenings studying for a bachelor’s degree in pre-law. “My goal is to go to law school to become a criminal defense lawyer,” she said. “There’s not a lot of justice out there for people who need it and there are also too many misplaced consequences for people who need someone to help fight for them, so I want to take action and be that person fighting for equality.”

Funding College Project

The first couple of years as a high schooler were difficult for Roberta, but she learned the importance of education and how her determination could take her to places she had never imagined. “After the pandemic, I was able to take time for myself and put more of my energy into my education and golf,” she said.

“Now, with all the hard work and dedication I put in, here I am sitting here for a Promising Futures Friday interview, which is something I could never see myself doing two years ago.”

Source: The Suburban Times