Letter: Endorsement for Jeff Brown and David Anderson for Clover Park School Board

Submitted by Paul Wagemann, Director #5 CPSB.

During the November 2019 election the Clover Park voters elected me to serve as a
Clover Park school board director with over 60 percent of the votes cast.

I have served as a director since April 2009 and have done my best to support the
District, the Board, our students and the voters of our community.

Pierce College

Unfortunately, my efforts to have open and informed debate of the issues have resulted in me being the minority dissenting vote on many recent decisions without prior debate.

Board President Schafer, during the League of Women Voters forum on 23 September 2021, stated “It isn’t about debate folks” and went on to say that we only need to listen and then collaborate on solutions. This removes the critical step of debate between listening and taking action.

My assumption after being elected by such a large margin is that citizens want a debate of the issues and my voice, representing them, heard at the school board table.

Board President Schafer earlier announced during several board meetings that after 16 years on the Board he would not run for re-election. I then worked with community members to find concerned citizens to run as candidates for the two open positions on the board for this year’s election.

Tacoma Community College

We are now just over two weeks away from our election where ‘We the People’ can vote for board members who reflect your values and concerns for the education of our children.

I am endorsing Jeff Brown and David Anderson and encouraging voters to vote for them on November 2, 2021.

I am always willing to hear your voice and to facilitate a response to your concern. Our community loves our children, and we know academic excellence is a key component in helping our children succeed.

Jeff and David are committed to academic excellence as am I. We have many
wonderful teachers serving our children who need leaders who want educational
excellence to return to Clover Park District.

There is no reason for the district to continue languishing near the bottom one-third of Districts in the State of Washington but that requires change.

Charles Wright Academy

If you agree, please vote for Jeff Brown and David Anderson.

Source: The Suburban Times