Letter: Is It Safe Yet?

As a community member and citizen correspondent, I feel a responsibility to ask questions when something doesn’t work that seems like it should. However…

By that same measure, I should also express when something works out well.

The Public Safety update held Thursday, March 24, fulfilled a number of functions. Yes, it addressed safety and introduced us to the movers and shakers that support our community, but it also provided the networking so crucial to our vibrant community and heralded the resumption of normality.

The Fort Steilacoom Park Pavilion is a glittering jewel in our City’s crown and worked out perfectly for this event both in size and setting.

Kudos to the concept and staff that had the vision to advance this opportunity.

(letter submitted to City of Lakewood Mayor Jason Whalen, City Clerk Briana Schumacher, Heidi Wachter-City Attorney, Mary Dodsworth, Director-Parks, Recreation and Community Services)

Source: The Suburban Times