Letter: Lakewood Potholes

Submitted by KM Hills.

On January 9th the City of Lakewood posted an update on the Gravelly Lake Dr. construction.

On January 10th I commented on how other roads have been negatively effected.

Edward Jones - Bart Dalton

Well today, Monday January 17th 2022 I would like to start a timer to see how long it takes the City to fill the potholes along 112th St. Travelling east from Gravelly Lake to Bridge Port I counted no less than 30 major potholes, which greatly effect anyone’s drive on that mile of Lakewood roadway.

If the City says the Gravelly Lake construction is on schedule, as they did in a response to my comment, then they expected the higher volumes of cars for this length of time on 112th. If that is the case, I fully expect the City to maintain the alternate route to the best of the City’s capability and maintain the safest travel throughout the City.

I don’t know if anyone else remembers Tacoma’s “Pothole Pig” but maybe you can help me name the play “work crew” that I photographed attempting to fix the horrible road conditions. Do you have potholes you would like pointed out to the City? Maybe this could become something similar to the Pothole Pig.

Pierce College

Please remember in 1996 Lakewood became a city so that we as local voters would have more say in our community. I say fix the roads!

Source: The Suburban Times