Living the Wild Life in the Big City: Drinking, Dining, and Dancing

We will be dining at fancy restaurants and sipping champagne in nightclubs.

My wife, Peg, and I use to travel to Seattle frequently to visit concerts, plays, and festivals as well as visit friends and relatives. We would write about our adventures and share them with the world. This all came to a halt when COVID took over everyone’s life about two years ago. Now that theaters opening up the world again, we opened up our travel plans and began visiting theaters from Federal Way (CenterStage Theatre) to Olympia (Harlequin Theatre) and our theaters in the Pierce County Area (Dukesbay Theatre, Lakewood Playhouse, Tacoma Arts Live, Tacoma Little Theatre, and Tacoma Musical Playhouse).

The last production we saw in Seattle (atop Seattle’s Capitol Hill) was Cabaret by the Seattle Gilbert & Sullivan Society. We loved the production (Peg actually saw the annual production of the G&S cannon when she began the journey to Seattle in the early ‘90s. She also saw Cabaret twice). We even got to sit in the small table area surrounding the stage as café customers . . . and even got to dance with the actors!

Edward Jones - Bart Dalton

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We have been enjoying the local productions so much, but when we saw that the Reboot Theatre Company in Seattle was staging the musical, Cabaret, we knew it was time to return to Seattle and enjoy the musical one more time. This time will be a bit different. My cousin Lavinia Hart will be attending with us. Lavinia (Lindy to our family) has recently moved back home from Detroit. For more than twenty years she ran the well-regarded Attic Theatre in Detroit and named Michiganian of the Year for her work there. (We even have a clipping but may find it hard to put our hands on it quickly.) Lindy’s a recently retired Associate Professor at Wayne State University, Department of Theatre and Dance. Lindy grew up in Puyallup and earned her degree from Central Washington University, Ellensburg. Before moving to Detroit, she performed at Empty Space Theatre in Seattle: “We always have fun comparing our notes with her theatre and our theatre critic experiences.” Lindy and I grew up like sister and brother. Our moms were identical twins.

Not only will we be enjoying Cabaret, but we will also be staying several nights in the Seattle area and attending two other productions (hopefully) – Seattle Shakespeare’s Production of Much Ado About Nothing, and ACT Theatre’s Sweat. We will be sharing our adventures of the performances along with dining at fancy restaurants and sipping champagne in nightclubs with our Suburban Times readers as well. That is the grand scheme of things. Reality will probably mean sleeping late, naps in the afternoons, and zero nightclubs . . . but . . . you never know. There’s a lot of coffee in Seattle.

The Diary of Anne Frank at Lakewood Playhouse

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