New County Council Districts Are Set

Office of Jani Hitchen, Pierce County Council, District 6 announcement.

Last week the five-person team that worked on redistricting the county Council districts finalized the map. There was a lot of work done by staff and the volunteer committee along with over 100 people that reached out via email or virtually attended the meetings. I want to thank the staff that worked behind the scenes, the committee members and all that contributed to the process.

Noticeable changes in the 6th District include the removal of the city of Tacoma from our boundaries. Though it was only a small part, one of the goals of the group and the districting master was to make districts contiguous and compact. The sliver of Tacoma that was once part of the 6th will now be part of a much larger Tacoma-focused district, and the city of Tacoma will only be in three districts. In addition, the 6th District picked up McNeil Island. If you want more details, or want to see what other changes happened across the county, please take a look here.

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Source: The Suburban Times