New Rules and Regulations for Keeping Animals – Needs Discussion Before Implementing – Now

A meeting was just held this Tuesday with people from the Washington State legislature, the Washington Cattleman’s Association, Washington Farm Bureau, and staff/board members of the State Board of Health to discuss the upcoming proposed policy for the Keeping of Animals.

Many issues/concerns are unresolved. Most are simply requesting the government postpone the draft proposal from this June’s hearing. It is suggested they allow a work group/task force of stakeholders to convene and sort out the concerns.

Among the many concerns: mixing livestock oversight with non-livestock, unclear/overreach on stockpiling and composting, concern of complaint abuse from urban neighbors, no uniformity of enforcement (left completely up to local health officer), and more.

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Animal owners are just asking to delay the Draft Policy proposal in June so that a work group/task force can be formed to vet out concerns and responses.

Here is the link for information on the Agency’s Rules and Activity for the Keeping of Animals –

Please, ask for a delay to discuss the possibilities.

Source: The Suburban Times