Pierce County Council appoints Paul M. Herrera to District 2 County Council seat

Pierce County Council news story.

August 9 the Pierce County Council appointed Paul M. Herrera to fill the vacant 2nd Pierce County Council District seat.

The appointment came after questions from councilmembers, followed by public comment.

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Pierce County Council Chair Derek Young thanked the other finalists for volunteering to pursue the appointment.

The three candidates, Paul Herrera, Tom Swanson, and Will Gunderson, were submitted to the Pierce County Council from the Pierce County Republican Central Committee. Per the Pierce County Charter, when a seat for partisan office is vacated, the Council shall fill the vacancy by appointment from a list of three people submitted by the County central committee of the major party represented by the official in office. Departed Councilmember for District 2 was Republican Hans Zeiger.

“We’re grateful that the Pierce County Republicans sent us a diverse slate of highly qualified candidates. Each brought their own strengths, making it a difficult choice for the Council,” Young said following the appointment.

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“Mr. Herrera’s qualifications and experience should provide the constituents of District 2 good representation but also bring his unique perspective to the Pierce County Council,” he continued. “We welcome Mr. Herrera joining the Pierce County Council and look forward to working with him to create a better Pierce County.”

With the appointment today, Mr. Herrera fills the seat vacated by Hans Zeiger on July 31, 2022, and for the remainder of his term to December 31, 2024.

Source: The Suburban Times