Signs in University Place

City of University Place announcement.

Fabric banners, feather signs attached to posts, sandwich boards or other advertising displays constructed of cloth, cardboard, wallboard or other similar materials are considered temporary signs and where allowed require a temporary sign permit from the City of University Place.

A permit enables the businesses to display a temporary sign for a maximum of 60 days within 12 months of its issue, although the 60 days can be broken up however the business owner would like.

Tacoma Community College

As spelled out in the City’s Municipal Code (UPMC 19.875), temporary signs must be placed on the same parcel as the advertising business and be set back five feet from the right-of-way. To ensure the safety of motorists, cyclists and pedestrians, temporary signs should be no higher than five feet and must be located at least 20 feet from intersections and driveways so as to ensure a clear line of sight.

“We understand that temporary signs can help businesses attract the eyes of consumers,” said Kevin Briske, director of the City’s Community and Economic Development department. “We just need to make sure that these signs do not present a public hazard or detract from the overall streetscape.”

For complete details on U.P.’s regulations surrounding temporary signs, including how to apply for a permit, contact Kari Dreisbach, associate planner, at 253.460.5410. 

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Source: The Suburban Times