Two Scary Reviews – “Angry, White and American” & “How China Got Rich”

It seems like the War Between the States was just a year or two ago instead of a century and a half behind us.

Watching either one of these documentaries would have been interesting. Watching both of them back to back was frightening. “Angry, White and American” paints a picture of a nation divided into factions of hatred and fear, while “How China Got Rich” shows how a poor country has reversed its trajectory and is becoming the largest economy in the world. Projections are terrifying. “Forecasts from Bloomberg Economics suggest China could grab the top spot – held by the United States for well over a century – as soon as 2031.”

“Angry, White and American” follows reporter Gary Younge, a black man from the U.K. who has a wife from the U.S.. Younge’s family has roots in America, so he is both knowledgeable and concerned. One of his interviewees, involves a clean, white, nice looking man, Richard Spencer, spreading his version of history and fact: “Africans have benefited from white supremacy”

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Here is a sample of Younge’s video

“Angry, White and American” was just plain sad. The people in the south seem out of step with reality. It seems like the War Between the States was just a year or two ago instead of a century and a half behind us.

Story Line:
British journalist Gary Younge explores the issue of race in America by traveling from Maine to Mississippi talking to white Americans about the issues that make them angry – from disappearing jobs to the epidemic levels of drug use.

There were flaws in the interview style. Although Younge, is experienced, he ended up arguing, but that was mostly in one interview.

User Review #11
Oh dear…
I was hoping to find something that would help me understand the mindset of the people in the film, but instead I got an angry man who just wanted to argue with them. I don’t blame him for wanting to argue with them, but that’s not what I and most other viewers wanted to see. I couldn’t watch the whole thing.

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I think the second reviewer was right in that Donald Trump is not the face of fascism, but I do think that others have put him on that pedestal.

User Review #2
Hit or miss, fallacies and ignorance
digitalbeachbum1 March 2021
Racists are ignorant. Racism is a mental health issue.

I can’t put up with ignorance and I’m wondering if the reporter sought out or edited the clips to show all the stupid racist whites who don’t have a !@$% clue about history or science. There were gobs of logical fallacies being spewed out and ignorance was abundant.

Overall I’m not sure this production shows anything new. It just shows that a small percentage of idiots still exist and they are angry, white Americans who think that the blacks want to take over the country. These angry, white, Americans tend to be fascist in nature. They want a dictator, they want that dictator to selectively control capitalism, they want to violently suppress the opposition, they do not democracy or they want democracy provided it favors their views.

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I find it interesting that the reporter found a white older male, who lived in a town previously supported by the work in the mills, say “what has Trump done now? Nothing! He hasn’t done anything!”. No truer words could be spoken from the man.

The views of this reporter doesn’t get in the way but I don’t believe the production explains anything. He seems to focus on Trump, who honestly isn’t the face of fascism. He’s the face of the wealthy, 1%, who will use the poor, angry, white Americans as pawns. He is also guilty of logical fallacies.

The video I think does show a country lost with many individuals still licking wounds from a hundred and fifty years ago. It is time for them to move on and embrace change and I don’t think they can do it quickly enough to save America from decline.

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How China Got Rich

I know President Biden allocated funds for railroad work and upgrades, but I doubt that he pushed for bullet trains.

This is both a one hour production and supposedly a series, but I’ve seen no other pieces of a series. Perhaps they are planned for later.

Education is mandatory in China through the 9th grade, There is a small fee for high school. There is a gap in quality between students of rural and urban areas. A Chinese college education is not free, but the tuition fees are quite low when you compare them to the U.S. and ranges from $3300.00 to $9900.00 per year. In much of the world’s successful countries, college fees are either free or affordable. Unfortunately, here we sit in America weighing our students down with debt that some will never be able to pay off.

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Here is the very informative video about the decline of China and then the resurgence at the end of the 1970s.

Story Line:
China’s decision to open up to the world has been one of the most significant events of modern history. So how did an impoverished communist country become an engine of global capitalism?

User Review #1
Explosion of wealth in impoverished China due to Deng Xiaoping, economic timing, and industriousness of the people.
Well-done documentary of the coming of Deng Xiaoping at the perfect time to expurgate ideology and move forward with facts, practicality. One hour of a powerful story, the superseding of poverty with an open market strategy.

User Review #2
Propaganda, Not Truth
TheJonesBones23 August 2021
While this “documentary” presents some interesting perspectives on China’s most recent past, this so-called “film” is not a serious, informative work. Rather, it is blatant propaganda. Pure and simple.

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Scarce mention of the famine resultant from their “cultural revolution”. No mention of “one family, one child” policies and practices. No mention AT ALL of Tienanmen Square and the THOUSANDS of students that the Chinese government machine-gunned there!

According to this rag, all those students are happy recipients of the state’s love. Not ONE of them are sent abroad as government agents. Not one.

Watch if you want a laugh or if you enjoy propagandized ignorance. Otherwise, save your time and frustration.

The second review seemed a little too snotty for my tastes . . . like they perhaps had their own axe to grind or a party to support. I did wonder why there was no mention of Tiananmen Square in the video, but the cultural revolution was several years before the big change. The Chinese government is still concerned about the outlying cities that finally came of board with special laws, but that was addressed a bit in the documentary.

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I know President Biden allocated funds for railroad work and upgrades, but I doubt that he pushed for bullet trains, which vary in speed from 150 and 187 miles per hour (in China). Bullet trains have cut the travel time from Beijing to Shanghai (672 miles) from 37 hours to four. So, a trip from Seattle to San Francisco would be approximately five hours.

Both videos can be found on Youtube and are worth watching, considering, and perhaps acting on while sharing a discussion with others.

Source: The Suburban Times