CPSD Staff Spotlight: Mary Robbins

A Clover Park School District story.

Our CPSD Staff Spotlight this week features Park Lodge Elementary School paraeducator Mary Robbins. This is her 19th year at Park Lodge and her 27th year in the district.

Mary initially joined the district’s transportation department as a paraeducator. After eight years, she transitioned to Park Lodge and became a paraeducator for first, second and third graders. “My goal was to be a teacher and teach students reading and math, so when I got into Park Lodge, I was just so excited because I was able to achieve my dream of teaching as a paraeducator,” she said.

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After 19 years, she is just as excited as ever to help Park Lodge students overcome their challenges. “Just to see these students progress throughout the year from knowing so little to knowing so much is exciting,” she said. “Sitting back and thinking, ‘They did that, and I helped them get there,’ is just amazing.”

According to Mary, the best advice an educator can receive is to teach with an abundance of patience. “My son has dyslexia, so I knew firsthand how all kids can be amazing and successful,” she said. “Some just learn things differently from others, so we need to have patience and provide them with stability.”

Source: The Suburban Times