You Made it Possible: 19 neglected dogs

At the end of December, 19 neglected dogs arrived at the Humane Society for Tacoma & Pierce County after fighting for their lives in the snow and freezing temperatures.

The dogs were in horrific shape – starving, dehydrated, covered in mats, and infested with fleas. They were frightened and confused, not sure who to trust after experiencing so much cruelty in their short lives.

Today, more than a month later, those 19 dogs have made incredible progress, thanks to your amazing support. They are no longer cold or hungry, no longer itchy or in pain, and they finally know what it is like to be loved and feel companionship.

12 of the dogs have already been adopted into loving homes, like Texas and Keeva, or transferred to a rescue partner. Our staff and volunteers worked hard to make sure every dog found their perfect match and ensure they will be healthy and happy for the rest of their days.

Three of the dogs are currently available for adoption! Including Winter and Storm - a sweet bonded pair, who would love to find a home together. And Dakota, a super smart boy who wants to be your running partner. 

You can find more information about these adoptable pups by visiting our adoptable dogs webpage.

Recovery has been a little slower for some of the other dogs in this group, but thankfully they are being taken care of by loving foster families. Because of your generous support, dogs like Zoe, Pepper, and Cooper will get all the time they need to recuperate and get ready for their forever homes.

Zoe and her daughter, Pepper, are growing more comfortable and relaxed every day with their wonderful foster mom.
After arriving at our shelter severely underweight, Cooper is on his way to his 35 lb goal with the help of his foster family.

It is only because of your incredible support that happy endings like these are possible. Thank you for making a difference for homeless and hurting animals. Your generosity is saving lives!

You can help even more animals in need! Become a life-saving donor today.

Source: The Humane Society for Tacoma and Pierce County