More Warehouses in the Middle of DuPont?

Submitted by Save Our City-DuPont, WA.

Location of proposed 800,000 sqft of warehouses in DuPont.

Have you seen the large billboard next to Pioneer Middle School at the intersection of Center and Palisade in DuPont with architectural drawings of FOUR 200,000 buildings, for a total of 800,000 square feet? This project would bring in semi-truck traffic off Palisade- in the Pioneer school zone- and would be right behind homes on Charles, Wren and Simmons. It would abut the east side of the Home Course Golf Course. That’s right- 102.36 acres of “light manufacturing” with:

Ed Selden Carpet One

  • 266 truck trailer parking stalls
  • 111 dock doors, with 8 drive in doors

Northpoint, the potential developer and the largest distribution warehouse builder in the US, met with a citizen group here in DuPont in Nov 2019 and told them that their intent was to ask for a zoning code change to build distribution warehouses, which are NOT allowed anywhere on this property. They told Northpoint they would fight warehouses every step of the way. In total disregard of our zoning codes, Northpoint submitted the same plans shown below in Spring 2020, and twice in 2021. The first two times the city returned the plans as incomplete. The first two times, they called the buildings “light industrial”- the property prohibits light industrial uses. This time, the third time around, they simply changed the language to “light manufacturing” with the same size buildings and same number of dock bays. Their Site Development Data Table even notes:

DuPont has fought this battle for the past five years. The citizens of DuPont raised over $16,000 in 2018 to stop warehouses from being built on this property and a hearing examiner ruled that our zoning codes prohibit buildings disguised as distribution warehouses. Yet here we are again having to deal with pure deception by America’s largest developer of distribution warehouse.

Developer architectural drawing of proposed 800,000 sqft of warehouses in DuPont.


Put Thursday Feb 10 from 6:00-8:00pm at City Hall on your calendar. The city will host an Open House with stations, where Northpoint will explain their plans. Read the plans on–Old-Fort-Lake–Applicati

Barb Kincaid, DuPont’s Community Development Director, is accepting comments until 4pm on February 22nd for citizen input into the significant environmental impacts of this proposed development. Her email is [email protected]. The city is requiring an environmental as it has determined that the project most likely will have significant environmental impacts. Then the project will go before a hearing examiner, where you may submit testimony.

Source: The Suburban Times