Not That Funny – Movie Review – Not That Funny is the Title

“Not That Funny” is really not very funny . . . but so what?

“Not That Funny” is really not very funny . . . but; it’s so satisfying. We found it on Prime.

Lauralee Farrer was the director and the main writer along with Jonathan B. Foster in this funny and touching film. The stars were Tony Hale, K Callan, Brigid Brannagh, and John Kapelos. The film was mostly shot in Siera Madre with some scenes from Hollywood.


A love story about a woman who “just wants someone who makes her laugh” and a man who is not that funny. As he tries to learn how to be the man she says she wants, they each find an unexpected chance at happiness.

I had watched part of the movie before and when I came across the title a few days ago I decided to watch the whole film. It turned out I had watched it with my wife and we had turned in off after half an hour. We must have been sleepy. I watched the film by myself and then over breakfast mentioned the film to Peggy, who had just done the same thing. We were both surprised and thrilled. My favorite scenes and her favorite scenes were duplicates. As they say, “Great minds . . . “

After meeting Hayley, Stefan falls in love.

Tony Hale as Stefan Lane is a “dead on” super nice guy, helpful, friendly, and lonely at the same time. Stefan lives with an older woman (Toogey Richmonde played by K Callan) bordering on memory loss. Stefan loves the house and the stories Toogey shares about her granddaughter (Hayley Richmonde played by Brigid Brannagh). Stephan does household repairs and loves the house and the view from his bedroom window. After meeting Hayley, Stefan falls in love. Kevork (played by John Kapelos) is a nice counterpoint for urging Stefan to connect more with Hayley. Stephan holds back in fear but seeks to change his life. He finally has a revelation about himself. Viewers pull for Stephan, but it seems like an uphill battle.

User Review from IMDB:

I saw Not That Funny at Newport Beach Film Festival and thought it was the best film of the fest. Brigid Brannagh is lovely as a daughter returning home to her grandmother’s house in a small California town. Tony Hale is awkward and entertaining as the man who thinks he has to make her laugh to win her heart. Watch for a fun turn from comedian Nick Thune as the man who tries to help Hale learn comedy. I loved the depiction of the little town and the people who can see Hale’s character for the man he really is, especially the relationship between Hale and his friend Kevork, played by John Kapelos. The film is full of little details that feel authentic to the world and town is charming. I’m looking forward to seeing future films from co-writer/director Lauralee Farrer. Check out this film if you get a chance.

This is not a sappy love movie. It’s more about people than it is about any kind of sex or actual love. I would say it’s more about peace and understanding. It’s about real people with real lives and how they live them. It’s a feel good movie and one where you are pulling for everyone in the film . . . even the one rotten apple played by Finneas Patrick O’Neill who did a great boo-hiss performance as Hayley’s boss.

Both Peggy and I recommend this wonderful production.

Source: The Suburban Times