Pierce County COVID-19 data update: Vaccinations

Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department announcement.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now includes second booster doses for people 50 and older in its definition of who’s up-to-date on COVID-19 vaccines. We’ve made this change on our dashboard as well.

As of today, 24.8% of Pierce County residents are up-to-date on COVID-19 vaccination. If you’re 50 or older and haven’t gotten your second booster yet, you can find your dose today at tpchd.org/vaxtothefuture.

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People who are under 50 and immune compromised should also get a second booster dose 4 months after getting their first booster.

  • COVID-19 vaccine boosters can enhance or restore protection you may have lost over time after your primary series vaccination.
  • You’re protected best from severe COVID-19 illness and death when you stay up to date on your COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Not sure if you’re up to date? Use the CDC booster tool to find out.

As of June 11, 67.5% of all Pierce County residents completed their primary series of COVID-19 vaccine and 24.8% are up to date. We’ve administered 1,619,500 doses to Pierce County residents and 618,100 completed their primary series.

Last week:

  • We administered 4,940 doses.
  • We administered 500 first doses.
  • An average of 700 residents received a dose each day.
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 Vaccination percentages (up to date) by age group:

  • 5-11: 12.1%
  • 12-17: 21.4%
  • 18-19: 28.9%
  • 20-34: 26.8%
  • 35-49: 37.3%
  • 50-64: 15.1%
  • 65-79: 30.0%
  • 80 and older: 33.2%

Find more COVID-19 vaccination data, demographics and a map at tpchd.org/covid19cases. Click on each heading to see tables, maps and dashboards. Find your COVID-19 vaccine dose at tpchd.org/vaxtothefuture.

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Source: The Suburban Times