The Infinite Extended Through Sept. 5

Following an overwhelming positive reaction and continued support from the Tacoma community, THE INFINITE announced today its extension of the Seattle-Tacoma tour stop. The first and largest collective virtual reality experience, inspired by NASA, will continue to send guests into an out-of-this-world immersive space journey at the historic Tacoma Armory through Monday, Sept. 5 – before heading to their next stop in Richmond, San Francisco in October 2022.

Now on its second U.S. city, as part of its multi-year international tour, THE INFINITE, produced by INFINITY EXPERIENCES, a joint venture of PHI Studio and Felix & Paul Studios, announced its extended run to accommodate residents of the Pacific Northwest – allowing for more time to partake in the first-of-its-kind space-faring adventure.

“We cannot be more proud of THE INFINITE experience and the love we have been receiving since bringing it to the United States,” says Phoebe Greenberg, PHI Studio Founder & Chief Creative Officer of THE INFINITE. “Following the extreme success in Montreal and Houston, and now Tacoma, we have decided to extend its run to ensure all audiences have the opportunity to enjoy this unique and awe-inspiring space installation.” says Félix Lajeunesse, Félix & Paul Studios Co-Founder & Co-Creator of THE INFINITE.

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Guests will now be able to take advantage of the extended tour stop as they enjoy the 60-minute experience inside a full-scale replica of the International Space Station (ISS) throughout the summer season. The immersive installation, perfect for adults and kids alike, includes footage from the first-ever cinematic spacewalk captured in 3D, 360° virtual reality, shot outside the International Space Station, in addition to offering visitors a self-directed experience aboard the ISS itself. Visitors are welcomed to enrich their senses as they are transported to space through a mesmerizing multi-sensory journey that allows space travellers to interact with their surroundings including physical objects, multimedia art, soundscapes, light designs, and more.

THE INFINITE is an extension of the recent Primetime Emmy Award-winning immersive series, Space Explorers: The ISS Experience, the largest production ever filmed in space, produced by Felix & Paul Studios in association with TIME Studios. Shot over a period of nearly three years and producing more than 250 hours of high-end virtual reality footage, the four-part immersive series documents the life of eight international astronauts inside and outside the International Space Station.

Tickets to THE INFINITE are currently available online through Monday, Sept. 5 For more information on THE INFINITE and to purchase tickets, please visit

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Source: The Suburban Times