What Makes Your Car Insurance Go Up?

What Makes Your Car Insurance Go Up?

Every month you make your car insurance payment even though you probably never have had an accident and have never used your insurance. Lower insurance premiums help lower your total cost of driving, so it’s important to know what might increase your rate.

Your Driving Record – Accidents and Tickets

The largest, most obvious factor that increases car insurance premiums is the number of accidents you’ve had. Premiums go up for three to five years after each accident occurs, which can cost you quite a bit of money. Light “fender-benders” raise your insurance premium, even if there was little damage and no one was hurt.

Tickets, too, will affect your rate. A single speeding ticket won’t affect your rate much but too many of them or major tickets like a DUI or Negligent Driving will affect your rates just like an accident. 

Where You Live and How Far You Drive

Due to higher rates of vandalism, theft, and collisions, drivers in more populated areas generally pay more for car insurance than those in smaller towns and rural areas.

Using your car for business or having a long commute means you drive more than the average person. The more miles you are on the road, the higher the chances of you being in an accident.

Credit History – Your Responsibility Score

Your credit history can impact your car insurance premium. Even though it is not directly related to your driving abilities, insurance companies look at credit history to gauge your level of responsibility. If you’re not paying attention to your bills, statistics say you are also not paying attention to your driving and are at a higher risk of having an accident.

What You Drive – Your Car

Insurance companies look at the costs associated with repairing a car after an accident and vehicle safety ratings to determine rates. So, newer and more expensive cars have higher insurance premiums but also, the accident history of similar makes and models also can affect your rate. 

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Article Source: Mid-Columbia Insurance Agency