Roundabouts jump out of nowhere to snag inattentive drivers

Kennewick Police on Facebook:

Officers were dispatched to a single vehicle accident at the roundabout on W 4th Ave and S Union St. It was reported the vehicle left the area, but was contacted down the road. After investigation, it was determined the vehicle was traveling too fast for conditions, as it was raining. The vehicle struck the curb damaging it, as well as the street sign. The driver, Alea Henderson (30), was cited for Speeds too fast for conditions. KPD 19-12775.

And as Manuel Mayorquin put it in one of the comments:

Don’t you hate it when you’re just speeding along, minding your own business and a round about crosses your path out of nowhere?!

Too Fast for Conditions? I guess 40 or 50 mph is too fast for conditions in a roundabout.

I am sure that these roundabouts can be negotiated easily by anyone who is paying attention to their driving and so are not suddenly surprised by a roundabout popping out in the middle of the street.

Before the roundabouts were put in, inattentive drivers would just blow through the stop signs with no one the wiser except the occasional very unlucky car & driver who were trying to occupy the same intersection.

I do feel sorry, though, for the property owners on these corners. One that I drive by regularly has had his wall knocked down within a month of fixing it. Could be a good money maker if he could get $1,000 every time it happens and then spend $250 to fix it himself.

Article Source: Mid-Columbia Insurance Agency